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Painting on a little bit (two inches wide) of ivory vs spraying paint on the side of a bus

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Deciding what to write about has put me off beginning a blog for quite a long time. I thought I’d be more likely to keep up a blog that has some kind of central theme, that has some kind of limited scope so I have something to butt up against. Limitations, I usually think, are a source of creativity for me.

Some of the options I thought of:

Politics (ranting is fun and I have built up a considerable head of bile during the Chilcot Inquiry that could do with an outlet)

Children’s books (I also like a busman’s holiday sometimes)

Some kind of geeky topic (Comics and sci fi and Buffy geeky, not tech geeky – the last time I was an early adopter was when I had an Amiga 600)

My personal life (Because I know I like reading about other people’s, being nosy, so I thought perhaps I should repay the favour)

But making up my mind was taking too long, so I just decided to write about anything that comes into my head instead. I’m curious to see where that leads me.


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