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Album of the day: Iggy Pop, The Idiot

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After seeing Iggy Pop in an advert for car insurance, I had to listen to this as a counterweight for his dignity. I think Mass Production’s my favourite, although his version of China Girl’s up there.  Dum Dum Boys disturbs me, and I’m not quite sure why. And Tiny Girls offends and delights me at once.

Speaking of offensive and delightful things, I recently read Stranger in a Strange Land. It turned out to be a fascinating but strange slice of cultural history along with an appealing bit of superpower wish fulfilment. When I began reading it, I hadn’t twigged that it was from the early 60s, and I thought the gender relations in it were supposed to be satirical – some nightmare vision of a future society perhaps, or if not a nightmare, then a brave new reactionary world. But, actually, it was just the past’s view of the future, which didn’t predict most of the social changes which did take place in the end – just like Journey Into Space deals in space travel where they haven’t invented transistor radios, never mind digital. The past’s view of the future…. I like it. Though, still disappointed by our failure to enact my preferred future: flying cars? Nowhere to be seen.

I blame Boris.  And that’s a maxim to live by.


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