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Song of the day: Experiment, by Cole Porter, as sung by Gertrude Lawrence

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I recently filled my little ishuffle or whatever it’s called at random, which has been a mixed success – it doesn’t seem to be able to tell the difference between album tracks and books on tape, so I have the odd chapters of novels in there too. (Perhaps I expect too much of what’s probably the most basic mp3 player available, but still, honestly, what’s the use of a shuffle function that gives you fragments of a story?)

But, having songs chosen by chance is brilliant. I’m finding myself listening to things I forgot I had. For example, this song (see post title) popped up on my ipod yesterday. I just couldn’t stop listening to it – the lyrics, especially. But overall, I found it just… I don’t know how to describe it. Incredibly encouraging about life in general, and very true. I’m tempted to write a self-help book based on Porter lyrics. Perhaps a dating guide? (“Don’t fence me in” or “It was just one of those things”)

Articulating why great music is (or great lyrics are) great is a puzzler. The point of a song is it goes beyond normal talk, I suppose.


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