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Gay at a high school prom? Unleash the hellhounds

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I just read a moving/life-affirming/please do take a pause to vomit now/heart-warming story that wasn’t really picked up much in the UK – all I could find was an article in the Daily Mail and a post on a Guardian blog. But I’m touched by the campaign that’s grown up around it in the US.

Potted version: a girl wanted to take her girlfriend to her high school prom. The school cancelled the prom. Nice. But a guy called Dan Savage picked up the story and ran with it… and now the girl’s appearing on Ellen tonight, and various people are donating to create an alternative prom.

I think it’s the bravery of the girl and her parents that’s most impressive. But also, it gives me a warm fuzzy sense of the internets coming together to do something good (and not JUST starting a facebook group about it). Though there was the inevitable facebook group as well.

This guy started a campaign supporing her:

You can email the school district if you want to show support? And, think of it as a little piece of revenge on every school rule that pissed you off when you were a kid… details on his site.

UK reports on the story:–wear-tuxedo.html

Someone described this kind of homophobia as “antihumanism”, and I think that’s a good way of putting it. This is about the rights of a human being to be treated like one, and to have their individuality respected – their hopes, their life, their “dumb teenage stuff”.

Anyway, I think this Dan Savage person whoever he is should get a “class protector” award, a la Buffy.


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