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I’m touched about the outpourings of support for Constance McMillen, the American teenager who wanted to take her girlfriend to her Prom, I really am.

But the fact that her cause has “over 400,000 fans” on facebook means squat. Perhaps the Guardian subs have a bet going that they can mention Facebook in every article?

Note to journalists…though I’m sure they know this and are just being lazy: becoming a fan of something on facebook is as casual a commitment as you can get. It makes going to church once a year at Christmas look like becoming a cloistered nun.

I mean, let’s face it, facebook groups with names like, “If 1 million join this group I’ll call my first born child Batman”, attract thousands of members. You almost have to go out of your way NOT to get people to join a facebook group.

Luckily, there are plenty of fanatical fans elsewhere on the internet. And they are awesome. Especially these ones.


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