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Whenever I feel afraid, I hold my head up high…

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… and whistle a happy tune, then remember that perception is everything.

I think this sums it up.

In other news, I think the idea behind the lib dems guerilla campaign –  a fake campaign in the name of the “Labservatives” – was a good one.

But it doesn’t quite wash.

A) Because this sort of thing works better when it comes from outside the party. The Man, even if he’s a Man who hasn’t been in power for 65 years or however long its been since a Liberal Party government, is still the Man. And the Man, on the whole, forfeits the right to try to be funny, or dance, or wear hats, or mention any item on his/her itunes.

B) It’s the wrong pitch – the reason Labour and Conservatives are both unappealing isn’t because they’ve morphed into one borglike creature. People hate them both for different reasons (labour = bent lying warmongers who’ve shephered in a recession, Tory = still tory, however they slice it, and everyone has a vague recollection that the tories were evil, weren’t they? ). Perhaps a “plague on both your houses” approach would be better?

But, points for effort.


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