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I wonder how many blog posts/newspaper review articles/forum threads there are on the internet about Saturday’s Dr Who episode? Care to research it?

Now add one to the number.

The Eleventh Hour was brilliant fun. Eleven and Amelia/Amy Pond were immediately likeable and had great chemistry. Plus, their meeting happened across a crack in the dimensions, and through confused slices of wibbly wobbly timey wimey.

Nice child-focussed touch of the Doctor eating odd food combinations. Especially fishy custard – something very Roald Dahl about that. The Twits might eat Fishy Custard. Or perhaps Willy Wonka would make it as an experiment. The Doctor/Willy Wonka parallel struck me in this episode particularly. Maybe because the companion first encounters him as a child, Maybe because the TARDIS is all shiny and new with polished glass, like a chocolate factory of wonders. But maybe it’s just the fishy custard.

There’s something properly alien about the new doctor. No eyebrows and a mania that doesn’t feel hammy or doomy or false. He just seems bonkers. Tennant often felt as though he was playing a role, but Matt Smith manages to inhabit the Doctor whole-heartedly.

Amy Pond reminds me a little of Ace, but without the pyromania. She challenges the Doctor, as Donna did, and although she’s built her life around a doctor-shaped hole, she’s still a 3D being; she’s not the Doctor’s plus one, she’s a flinty centre of self that happens to have come across a strange man in her garden and has been changed by the experience. And she’s very definitely Scottish – which brings me to the one-liners of the episode: excellent. “You’re Scottish. Fry something.”

I like the idea of the Doctor as a figment of Amy’s imagination – as a product of her, rather than an external force who’s come to save her. He’s a representation of various desires and hopes and curiosities. He’s a fictional character come to life.

All in all….liked it. Not Moffat’s best episode in terms of plot and writing, as there was a burden of info-dumping because of the new characters. But it held together well and I’m looking forward to what comes next.


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