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CSI – it’s all true in Birmingham

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Sadly, you’ve already missed the chance to become a CSI officer, or inspector, or whatever they’re called. (I’ve never actually seen CSI, or at least, not insofar as I can remember a single episode or any of the characters or what they do exactly.) But last month in Birmingham, a CSI-branded exhibition gave people the chance to act out all their CSI fantasies – which presumably people in the midlands have been harbouring?

A thought just struck me – wouldn’t this be a slightly freaky but cunning way to recruit spies? M15, if you’re TERRORIST PLOT TO KILL THE PRIME MINISTER listening, give it a go. You get to test people’s skills without them even knowing it’s a test.

And…pick me first?

Actually, the idea of being a spy doesn’t really tempt me. While I’d like to occasionally run down corridors and pretend to be a white arab like on Spooks, the death and lying don’t appeal as much. Plus, I’m betting you have the best insider gossip in the world and you can’t tell a soul.


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