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Chase me, Davey, chase me!

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I’m loving the minute-to-minute updates on Dealgate – or whatever they’re calling the uncertainty surrounding the Lib/Con pact…Pactgate? Sharegate? Justbloodygetonwithitgate?

Actually, I don’t think there should be such a flurry hurry – you’re not going to help the markets in the long run if you rush into a deal that then falls apart like a three quid t-shirt. If the Libs and Cons can’t agree on fundamental issues, they’re not going to govern well, if at all.

The most recent updates plus various twitter feeds on the topic (no point linking to them as they’re always changing) are talking about Nick Clegg meeting with Gordon. Is Nick just treating Dave mean to keep him keen…. and by keen I mean, making greater concessions to the lib dem agenda?


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