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Oh brave new world that has such people, innit?

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So, hello Dave. You’re my prime minister now. Wanna buy some pegs? Though hopefully Gordon didn’t Papa Lazarou-up your toliet before he left?

I’m feeling pretty sanguine about the result – the worst option apart from all the other ones. Chaos with a weak rainbow coalition, or Tiny Tories left to their own withered devices. Condem, it is.

But what shall we call Dave Cameron and Nick Clegg, the hottest new couple in town? Nave? Cameregg? Camerclegg? Suggestions welcome, as I’m undecided.

But perhaps the difficulty of coming up with a condensed couple name for them is an appropriate summing-up of the whole situation?

In other news, I’m feeling creative and full of ideas. The snag is, where to start? Moving from the maelstrom of what-ifs to solid writing takes a grim discipline.

Anyone got any of that to spare?

PS – I am in love with this twitter feed: 

It offers political commentary in the style of Dr Johnson – sample tweet from the other day:

How did Master Nick CLEGG have relations with some score-and-ten Women when he plays so coy with his two SUITORS?


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