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A tiny mystery and a Big Society

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Every morning, when I’m putting my bike away, I wonder: who was it that wrote “GOOD MORNING VIETNAM” in dust on the garage door?

That makes me wonder about pop culture references –

a) when does something stop being pop culture and start becoming history? Perhaps about the same span as the official secrets act? 30 years or so, isn’t it?

b) Will Buffy make any sense whatsoever in about ten years time?

c) I have no c. I should never have laid this entry out like this. Damn.

d) Of course, I could edit it.

e) But I’m not going to, because I’ve just been distracted by the new Condem “Big Society” website.

Nice lettering. This is a very lazy bloggy thing to do, but what do YOU think about the whole enterprise? Good idea? Will people get involved? Does the idea of a Tory-instigated cooperative tickle you as much as it does me? Do you think Big Society would make a good Doctor Who villain?


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  1. Big society seems to be ‘we can’t be arsed spending money that rightly belongs to CEOs and rich people and time which could be spent cosying up to the same actually sorting stuff out. Here’s an idea why don’t you all volunteer to do it yourselves. I mean it’s not like your paying us to do this or anything”

  2. It’s a great idea but I suspect that it’ll end up with a bunch of well-meaning do-nothings slapping each other on the back in congratulations at having signed up to declare their intention to do something.

    I agree with Mark – this government’s approach to things is quite clearly to shove responsibility towards the public so that they can put their hands up after the nuclear apocalypse and say ‘it wasn’t ALL our fault.’

  3. Part of me thinks it sounds like a lovely idea – Britain as one big village, with everyone helping one another out.

    But it’s something I would want to see in addition to government action, not instead of. Encouraging local action is brilliant, I’m all for that. I’m all for co-operatives and volunteerism and trying to get people more engaged and involved with the world around them.

    But it’s ludicrous to suggest that volunteers will be both willing and able to do jobs usually served by governments. Unless perhaps, instead of taxes, we were forced to give a certain sum to charities/NGOs that fund schools/healthcare/social care/childcare etc etc.


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