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I’m still gathering my thoughts about Mexico City (just been at a wedding there). But here are some condensed impressions:

– Imagine Madrid meets Delhi. Hectic, traffic-clagged, with a chaotic sprawl of beautiful Spain-flavoured architecture mixed with squalor.

– Adverts “Bimbo” bread: a line-up of foobtallers with the caption, “HAZ sandwich”.

Any relation to “I can has cheesburger”?

– Hairless dogs with skin like seals at the home of a patroness of the arts whose name escapes me, but who owned more portraits of herself than you’d find of Mary in a Catholic church. Though displayed with similar reverence.

– Altitude makes you giggly.

– I still can neither pronounce nor spell the pyramids of  Teotihuacan without very careful thought. Climbing the pyramid of the sun was utterly, utterly terrifying, but there were beautiful black butterflies at the top. From a distance, the pyramids look like slag heaps with pebble dashing. 

– the wedding I went to there was amazing. Now I understand the appeal of Mariachi bands. All the Mexican portion of the wedding party knew all the songs and sang along, so it’s somewhere between Karoke and a Kop crowd rendition of You’ll never walk alone.


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