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Following on from my post about gay marriage, I’d like to recommend this article:

It’s about a conservative argument in favour of gay marriage. That in itself is worth mulling over, but what I really enjoyed was the comments that followed. One poster, outsider6, manages to have a very civilized debate with various other commenters. He’s against gay marriage, but this dialogue made me wonder – perhaps reasoned debate CAN change minds? At least, plant the seeds of change.

Can anyone recommend any other pro-gay marriage articles or viewpoints that come from a conservative perspective? My inkling is that, in the US at least, those might be the voices that will help the most in the near future. They’re in a better position to build bridges… though, of course, they could equally draw hateful flak for turning into liberal heathens who want to redefine marriage as a union of seven sheep and two carniverous ogres for the purpose of eating babies…


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  1. The very first book proposing the idea of legally-recognised gay marriage did so from an openly conservative perspective. It was Andrew Sullivan`s VIRTUALLY EQUAL (1995). Sullivan took terrible abuse in the gay media at the time -“Aunty Tom! Dont try to bind us with your heterosexist chains” etc. Sullivan`s blog is

  2. Thank you! Look forward to borrowing that.

    I found another interesting nest of various conservative arguments, pro and con, re gay marriage on the Spectator:


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