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After a whirlwind of wedding planning, getting wed, honeymoon and then Christmas, I’m finally back to blogging. I thought I’d break myself in gentle, like, with a “slap down whatever comes into my head” sort of post.

Things I am thinking about today:

– brainstorming ideas with a group is brilliant. Everyone should do more of it. You can come up with more interesting and workable ideas in a one hour session when six or so people put their heads together than someone working solo could do in two weeks. Unless someone mentions blue sky thinking, in which case there needs to be a public lynching, which slows things down. We had a great session at work yesterday, which inspired me to do that a lot more often.

– Tom Lenk’s standup show at the Soho theatre last night was very funny – it included lots of comic songs, which I approve of and want to see more of in comedy, please.  I had a question though. The show was mostly about being a drama nerd… is this purely an American thing? It definitely didn’t exist at my school. Drama ponce, maybe, but not nerd. The idea that you can be nerdy about drama seems counterintuitive – surely drama is about flamboyance, extroversion, showing off, joining in… while being a nerd is about sitting alone in a library with your NHS specs (before they were ironic) and maybe a test tube for company? The various international definitions of geek and nerd seem to vary so much, though, that I’m never sure if someone is talking about the same species of person.

– There are now twitter subpoenas. I find that both beautiful lingustically, and a futureshock (cf 2000AD) headfck.







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  1. The drama nerd seems to be a staple of American High School AU fanfiction. Our drama classroom was actually a cupboard in the corner of the theatre (except we weren’t allowed to call it that, we had to call it the Multi Purpose Area, which didn’t have the same romance to it), so I suppose we did sometimes seem quite nerdy, huddled onto a battered old settee surrounded by play texts as our teacher barrelled around the room being theatrical and loud in his capacious RADA sweatshirt.

  2. I’ve been thinking about this some more, and what I reckon is that we DO have drama nerds (especially older ones, who do am-dram)…but we just don’t have the same social archetype/stereotype that they do in the US.

    Multi Purpose Area? They really know how to kill your dreams, don’t they?


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