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A review of Tom Lenk’s “Nerdgasm”

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I mostly agree with this review of Tom Lenk’s standup (though I think I’m more enthusiastic about it).

However…I take issue with the first sentence:

One of the defining features of Tom Lenk’s angsty character Andrew in Buffy the Vampire Slayer was his subtly portrayed homosexuality.

What? What definition of subtle are we working with here? “Nudge nudge wink wink ooh mrs” subtle? Did the reviewer feel the same about “Round the Horne”?

Andrew’s homosexuality is about as subtle as a pink brick being thrown through a Judy Garland stained glass window by a teenage boy giggling, “What a whoopsie!”

Also, angsty? Angel’s angsty. Andrew’s funny. I know funny and angsty can overlap – cf Twilight – but really! Andrew isn’t funny by accident of purple prose and sparkly mormonism, he’s funny on purpose.

So I issue a nerdy harumph in response to this statement.



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