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Standing underneath the feet of giants

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Look, look! Here’s a cartoon I did in Litro Magazine… right next to one by Steven Appleby. Ok, below. But still. We’re in the same mag and I’m fannishly excited. May his awesome rub off all over me like cheap gold plating.

Here’s Steven Appleby’s very nice website:

I really appreciate Steven Appleby’s stuff – not just because it’s funny, but because it takes the path of whimsy rather than one of criticism and cynicism. Both have their place, mind you, but I think the whimsical thinkers are in shorter supply on the whole. Or maybe they’re just not as noisy?

In another cartoon news, here’s one I made earlier. More cynic than whimsy, sorry.


I was also scribbling one down about Clegg, and how he’s probably really jealous that no one’s trying to deal any arms with him. It involved Cameron getting Cleggers in a full nelson behind the bike shed, and that being the closest the poor deputy is likely to get to an arms deal. But I couldn’t quite get the angles right. Also, it wasn’t that funny.

I think there’s a cartoon in there somewhere – about the fact that everyone seems to be dealing arms, or at least has been in the past, and those who aren’t might feel a bit like they’re missing out on a party they’re not cool enough for.  Perhaps just Clegg looking sad and saying, “No one asked me to deal arms with them. Woe.” I also imagine he gets sad that no dodgy oligarchs invite him on their yachts either.




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