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All shall love me and despair – the Galadriel world of apps

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In the week of the Bologna book fair, I’ve been thinking – and reading – a lot about apps, especially enhanced e-book style apps for kids – the ones that exist in the misty realms between computer game, cartoon and storybook, eg Nosy Crow’s “Three little pigs”.

Some of the questions floating about the internet and book fairs at the moment – “Will apps just be a massive waste of money/The next CD-Rom like flash in the pan/doomed by authors like the Gruffalo’s Julia D who’s given a big thumbs down to apps/will all the money go to apple/what platform should we be developing on….argh??”

The discussion around apps can probably be summed up as: “No one knows what’s going to happen, but everyone’s a little bit scared”. But, amid all the noise, I think this article takes a very sensible line:




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