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…is on in less than three hours. Excitement mounting in the house.

In the meantime, I’m planning the next meeting of News Club, which is exactly what it sounds like – a club where people talk about news. The idea is that you bring along one news story that you’ve found interesting in the past month and talk about why it’s interesting.

At the first meeting, topics included feminism & social mobility (after a politician mouthed off that feminism is the cause of social immobility), a nuclear hoax in China (which ended badly for the hoaxers), a woman who refused to let her husband leave  her (denial as relationship strategy, apparently worked) and the fact that Prince William won’t be putting on a ring when he gets married.

I wonder what’ll crop up next time?

Went to watch Have I Got News For You being filmed on Thursday – that’s the dream for news club. Not being on telly, but a mix of debate and people being funny about the news. Probably fewer Tory MPs though. The filming was very funny – great free night out – but they cut out a lot of the more actionable material, as you might expect.

Also, I never knew that Louise Bagshawe was a Tory MP as well as a romance novelist. And Paul Merton is incredibly tall.


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  1. To paraphrase Beyonce, then, if Kate likes it then she doesn’t put a ring on it? Hmmm…

    I was also surprised by Louise Bagshawe as Tory MP, but I guess there’s an inherent conservatism in chick-lit upholding establishment ‘norms’?


    • Kate must find that song very confusing. But I imagine “confusing” will probably define much of her life so, par for the course.

      I can definitely see the chicklit/Tory fit. You’re right, it does make sense.


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