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Doctor Who and the great worm

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Went to Wales the other weekend and took a tram up the Great Orme. I think that would be a good name for a Doctor Who villain. Or maybe just, “the Orme”.

Saturday’s Who had a jumbled start – it felt as though I’d missed a bit – but I’m enjoying immensely. Can’t wait to find out whose kid the little girl is… or the Doctor him/herself? Which makes the astronaut shooting the Doctor potentially suicide pact of some kind?

I’m left with a lot of questions, and have been discussing this confusion with @Pressfuturist on twitter… will kids understand this? I know my brain feels as though it’s about to fold in on itself over the River Song/Doctor timeline stuff. Maybe younger brains are more nimble, but I’m guessing there are also a lot of confused ten year olds asking mummy what it all means, while mummy scratches her head and wishes they were asking about something simple like death or sex.

I’ve been dodging the news for the past couple of days, as I’d reached saturation point on the Royal Wedding, and then suddenly, they’ve killed Osama Bin Laden. Lots of glee around the world. I wonder if one day there’s going to be an Osama Bin Laden Day, like Guy Fawkes? It seems like that sort of death.


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