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New cartoon and radio 5

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Here’s a new cartoon I’ve done for Litro. ^ I’m thinking of doing an ongoing strip about the gods soon. It’s been a while since I’ve done any cartoons with the same characters, and they would be a fun group to explore.

On a less divine note, I’m listening to Radio 5 Live on the topic of employment. I started listening to it after someone mentioning it on twitter – don’t usually listen to radio 5. But after Ken Clarke’s recent gaffe, I thought I should sample it.

It’s a bizarre shift from Radio 4 earlier this morning. The programme (Toby Young from the Telegraph vs Laurie Pennyfrom the New Statesman, plus phone-ins) began by promising to “sort out” the issue of employment by the end of the programme. So, I expect big things.

But, if one more person blames a current problem on “problems inherited from the previous government”, I am going to do violence. Or perhaps sic Jeremy Paxman on them to ask the same question again and again until they drop that excuse and focus on solving the problem. I have no great love for New Labour, but blaming them for everything doesn’t achieve anything except make the blamer sound silly.

It does seem that “start your own business” is the new “get on your bike”.


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