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Today’s blog post (sneakily implying that posting on this is a daily occurrence) is brought to you in the form of bullet points, to ensure I actually do it rather than write half a post and forget about it before I press post.

  • Doctor Who on Saturday  depthcharged my mind, and I feel I’ll have to rewatch the past few seasons while drawing diagrams and timelines to understand it. Do children understand it? Are child brains actually better at dealing with labyrinthes like that, because they’ve got less clutter in the way?
  • Stoke Newington Literary festival on Sunday was excellent. I did a workshop in the morning about how to write stories. Started off terrified that I’d be met with a sea of blank faced children tugging on parents’ sleeves saying, “Can we go yet?” But the children – and adults – who came were brilliant. Special mention goes to a story about a dog who pooed under gods throne and was chucked out of heaven to pursue redemption on earth, and to a fable about the planet formerly known as Pluto (or rather the Pluto formerly known as a planet), in which Pluto feels left out of the solar system and wishes to be bigger, with wacky consequences. In the afternoon, went to the Firestation Book swap – great idea, and I hope they come back to North London soon. I offloaded a duplicate copy, and came home with an exciting new-to-me novel.
  • Tonight I’m off to see some folk at Ronnie Scott’s. This feels a little sacreligious, genre-wise, but it should be great.



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