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DIY riot reasons

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Everyone’s got their theory about why the riots are happening. Maybe we can’t really start to untangle it til the dust settles. But I think it’s safe to say it involves some combination of at least some of these words:











I wonder if someone’s built a reason-o-matic generator,  like the Daily Mail headline generator, yet? Whatever the real reasons, I don’t think saying “rampant criminality” is any kind of explanation. Yes, people have been committing crimes. But it would be Ouroboros logic to say they commit crimes because they are criminals. Someone needs to work out how to dig beneath the crimes and find feelings and structures beneath… then try and build new structures and inspire new feelings.

Guiltily glad it’s not me that has to do that mind you.

Discussions of the riots on twitter have also led to amused speculation about what actually goes on at COBRA meetings. Which led, by the inexorable logic of twitter, to someone linking to this picture.

Context is for the weak.


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