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The mysterious Louise Phillips

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I’ve done a cartoon for the latest issue of Litro – which is a comics and graphic stories themed issue, so you should definitely read it. There’s a great Laika comic, which I enjoy thinking of as a companion piece to the Laika graphic novel (though by different people). I think Laika’s about the saddest early space story out there. Marley and Me’s got nothing on it for dog-related sadness.

The cartoon I did is about the riots. Eagle eyed readers will notice that the bio does not exactly match my life, and it’s tagged as by a Louise Phillips. You could interpret this as a temporary editing mix-up, but I choose to enjoy it as an episode of my life featuring an alternate time stream, scripted by Stephen Moffat.

Here’s the cartoon:

The news is moving way too fast for a topical cartoon to still be topical when it’s appearing in a monthly magazine. But I enjoyed doing this one, so, just try to imagine yourself a little back in time to make it feel more timely.

So. Time. Doctor Who tonight. Former flatmate is coming round for some ceremonial being-confused. There’s something crabbed and twisted about Moffat’s Who. I really enjoy it. It’s like reading a story by someone with tiny, spidery writing who writes in all directions on the paper.

Though I can’t tell how much of my enjoyment is enormous relief that the Doctor doesn’t spend most of his time emoting, as per the David Tennant innings.


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