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A namesake I’d forgotten

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The first chapter of The School for Supervillains went live on Friday. Woop! So, what next? Chapter two, obviously – but with an interactive story, each chapter exists as a number of possible story routes until the votes come in and the final path’s decided.

Over the weekend, I’ve been planning three potential storylines for the next chapter – as chapter one ended with three options. To stop my brain from exploding with the quantum instability of it all, I decided to google “Mandrake” – the name of the story’s hero (or possibly villain). Names are simple. Names don’t splinter into multiple timelines.

However, they do have layers. When I chose the name Mandrake, it was because I liked the sound – evil and creepy, reminding me of poisonous and witchcrafty mandrake root. But, I think the name also crept in there riding on an ancient earworm.

There was a cartoon in the 80s (based on various comics before that) called Defenders of the Earth. Remember it? This pic is from a comic, but, same lineup.

Defenders of the Earth (a comic version)

Anyway, the TV show had a weirdly catchy theme song. The lyrics were catchy, at least – I’m not sure there was, strictly speaking, a tune. One of the characters was called Mandrake. His name was embedded in the catchiest bit of the whole song:

Master of magic spells and illusion
Enemies crumble in fear and confusion….MANDRAKE!

No relation.

I also like this Mandrake the Magician cover. Check out his bored, dead eyes. He's really not feeling this alien fist fight, is he?


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  1. Fun fact:
    the lyrics for the theme tune to the TV show, including the Mandrake line that we all recall so fondly, was penned by no less a writer and profiteer than Stan Lee.

    He also did an excellent line in overblown Supervillain dialogue.



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