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Zombies and Brits in tights

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This weekend, I battled zombies in an abandoned shopping mall. I died several times, but I always got better, Monty-Python style. It was brilliant, terrifying fun and I heartily recommend it. Article about it here if you’re interested.

It went a bit like this…

And then…

In other,  less petrifying,  news, I just read the twin articles about the British comics industry in The Spectator and New Statesman. Both worth a read, but it’s the comments that I’m interested in here. A woman going by the name of Herdivineshadow pointed out something that I’d never thought about before. In a discussion of why we in the UK don’t have more superheroes in tights, she said:

…can’t help but think that popular traditionally-tights-wearing heroes Peter Pan and Robin Hood have been overlooked…

Why have I never seen this? Robin Hood and Peter Pan as superheroes, battling supervillains. In tights.

And what’s with the link between tights and power? Are they just aerodynamic for flying/jumping down out of trees to mug baddies? Asterix also wears tights. Not British, but, still, tights.


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