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Cover me, I’m going in!

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I might be too bleary-eyed to post anything in the morning, so, taking a moment now to wish Curiosity luck with its landing today/tomorrow (depending on your time zone). If you haven’t already read about the rover’s landing plan, the Guardian has some good coverage here. If you already know all that, I recommend reading the CNN article about Scott Maxwell, one of the people who’ll be driving Curiosity when (fingers crossed) it lands safely and starts rolling around the planet. Inspiring stuff.

The landing could all go horribly wrong (like many Mars landings before have done), but I have everything crossed. I already said this on twitter, but I do hope that this landing will spawn many young scientists and space enthusiasts, just as the Olympics have been prompting young people to get into sport. People are flying a robot car to Mars. They’re landing it via a crazy “sky crane” that MacGyver might suck his teeth and shake his head over. Bold stuff. Good luck, Curiosity – and all who fly her (remotely)!


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  1. Great pic. The Doctor would approve! 🙂 And yes, Godspeed Curiosity. Going to be a scary morning, but I’m sure all will be well.


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