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Let’s make awesome comics for kids

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After the fall of the Dandy (in paper form at least), there was a rush of feeling and discussion on twitter: let’s make its death mean something. Let’s make a new and awesome comic (or many).

As part of this came various excellent blog posts by kidcomic creators Neill Cameron, Jamie Smart, Gary Northfield and Sarah McIntyre. (If I’ve missed any out, let me know btw). There was also a Grauniad article by Charlie Brooker, so this is officially a sleb cause and therefore Important according to the rules of modern life.

So, here’s the thing: how do you turn all this enthusiasm (and ideas, and talent) into actual comics for kids? And by comics, I mean sequential art stories, in whatever form that might be – digital, paper or, as Sarah suggested in her blog post, on the back of a cereal packet. (Btw, I think this idea is inspired, I loved reading the back of the cereal packet as a kid, even when it was just a load of nonsense about fields of corn – if there had been comics, joy at breakfast would’ve been uncontained.)

How do you turn twitter passion into action? By doing it, I suppose. Glib as answers go, but it’s what I plan to do. This might involve, at some point, asking people for money. I hate doing that. But I love comics, so I’ll do what it takes.

Maybe you will too?


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