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Lunchtime character sketches for an upcoming webcomic

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Snappy title there. But, here you go. Some sketches I just did for a webcomic that I’m going to start posting soon. Just trying to work out the level of detail that I’ll be able to sustain when drawing characters lots of times.

Oh, and the webcomic’s going to be called Deus Ex Suburbia, set in an unnamed American suburb where the gods from all pantheons live together.  Here’s Jesus and Buddha, who are best bros, often seen on the porch having a beer and shooting the breeze.

Now realising my Buddha looks a bit like a chubby version of China Mieville. I’m ok with that. Jesus might end up losing the detail on his Hawaiian shirt.

I’m considering backgrounds. I might go with photographic. Hmm…


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  1. Very ecumenical Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2012 13:21:52 +0000 To:

  2. That would, indeed, be an ecumenical matter.

  3. I vote for a chubbier Buddha who is never more than arms length from some snackage

    • Noted! I was looking at various iconography and kept coming across thinner buddhas… but then, in my mind, I do think of him as fatter so, going with the “in the mind” icon might be truest to myself and my brain.

  4. the Buddha was never fat. The fat Buddha is a Chinese representation, adopted from images of older Chinese sages, supposed to show the stomach suffused with Qi (Chi) energy.
    Keep Buddha thin! 🙂

    ps – i like the long fingers and toes; id make the ears longer still

    • Ooh thanks for that! I have to admit that part of why I wanted Buddha to be fat was that there aren’t enough fat heroes out there. 🙂 But I’d also like to make the character authentic! I’m going to think about this, thanks so much. 🙂


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