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Free comics for literacy?

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Ace post from Jamie Smart on free comics to broaden the base of readers. I think that the argument-from-literacy (comics are brilliant for reluctant readers, and for a generation who’s far more visually literate than they are in words) is a very strong one.

But how to fund it? Any thoughts? Literacy charities and non-profits? Private individuals? Publishers? Any business people out there with thoughts about how to fund something like this?

EDIT: there is a superb comment on Jamie Smart’s blog above from someone called Tattersky, highly recommend you read it!


And then how to turn free comics into paid-for comics… if that’s possible? Or is going free a danger? Many questions, no answers as yet. So I’d really appreciate your thoughts on here, on twitter, on your blogs!

EDIT: thanks to @Robgog (Rob Davies) on twitter for bringing this article to my attention… a free comic for kids funded by the Goethe Institute and the EU:

Thanks also to @guroo for this:

Thanks to @KevFComicartist for this post – it’s from a while back, but some interesting ideas:

A few ideas of people who could house/fund comics…

Tabloids that make a lot of money but have an evil rep could have comics for kids pull outs. They get to shout about their literacy drive, kids get to have comics and grow up more awesome than their Daily Mail reading parents.

Games companies, virtual worlds, toy companies

Literacy organisations

Wealthy individuals passionate about literacy


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