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I think journalists should get this tattooed on their foreheads if they are found guilty of writing a “No more Zap! Kapow! Comics are Growing up!” type headline.


Scholar-turned-author Mary Talbot tells Metro about the inspiration behind her award-winning graphic novel Dotter Of Her Father’s Eyes.

Dotter Of Her Father’s Eyes is the first comic book to win a Costa Book Award. What’s the significance of that? It’s another wonderful, if long-overdue recognition of the comic book form. There’s been a lot in the press recently about comics ‘growing up’ but it’s 20 years or more since Art Spiegelman’s Maus [a comic book Holocaust memoir] won the Pulitzer Prize. The Costa shows high esteem from the literary world. I was astonished when I heard I was on the shortlist. I was just pleased it was published at all.

It was also Costa’s first all-female shortlist. Did that please you? That was very gratifying indeed. It just goes to show how much excellent female talent there is out there.

Your book contrasts two parallel coming-of-age narratives: your own and…

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