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That BBC class calculator

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I just did the new BBC class calculator.

Unlike the classic setup, there are 7 categories. While there are all sorts of quibbles, it is quite interesting. We DO still have class in this country, even if no one can quite agree on how the system works any more – or if it can even be called a system. A growth, perhaps?

The old class system

I came out as “established middle class”, if anyone’s curious. Not a huge surprise. Though I wonder how many people did the test a few times to see if they could come out as elite/got frustrated that their posh characteristics weren’t counted?





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  1. I am an ‘Emergent Service Worker’ seemingly because I rent my home and have a ‘rich social and cultural life’. I was watching with interest as I clicked ‘listen to hip hop’ and one segment moved, and then ‘goes to the theatre’ and another segment moved. Not sure why they were in different sections.


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