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About Stowell’s Cosmology

In this blog you are likely to read about…

Geeky things like comics, Doctor Who, Buffy, space, science and the internet

UK and US politics (the latter I learned about initially from the West Wing, then from my American girlfriend, then from the internet). My perspective’s loosely left-wing, but I’m interested in arguments from anyone who thinks humanely or insightfully or even just batshit crazily, provided it’s entertaining.

(Not as in, I want you to come here and pick an argument, though that would be fun too. But if you have a political/ideas-driven blog, or a geeky one for that matter, do say, and I’ll link to you.)

Religion – I’m an agnostic who still loves smells and bells and ritual and religious ideas and culture, though I have all the usual lefty-secular criticisms of organised religion.

Random nonsense  (thought I should warn you)

Cartoons (well, less a topic, more something that you’ll see here from time to time)

Children’s books (I write and edit them, so this is shop talk, but a shop I love)

Films – though I haven’t been to the cinema in ages. Must correct that.

And…I imagine I’ll come back and add topics as I write about them.

If you’d like to read my webcomic, Deus ex Suburbia, that’s here.

I’m also building a list of kid-friendly comics, so if you have any suggestions, please do comment here.

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  1. Frank Roberts

    Makes me feel proud!

  2. been hetic grown up, love the blog, lets do a ‘Rob ‘N’ Lou’s cinema showdown’ soon! p.s. I cant find the follow button?

    • Hmm….will look for it. I am not quite at that stage of blog understandiness of wordpress and blogging in general – I just put things as links and make sure I check them! Will add yours.

      And yes, CINEMA, we must do it. Next week?

  3. at last, a voice of reason crying in the big empty thingy…. if you need tech advice, ask Jay, know who i mean?

  4. Thanks for following my blog. Looking forward to reading more of yours.

  5. Thanks for following mine too! Look forward to reading this one.

  6. Hi, thanks for finding and following my writing blog! SD


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