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Dog email 

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Remains of Beagle 2 discovered… but whodunnit?

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Curiosity did not kill the beagle honest

Drug seekers

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Goodbye to Writeidea

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Out of Place

Look at that amazing tweet. I’ll come back to it during this lengthy, rambling but happy post. I’ve been volunteering for East London’s free reading festival for the last two years and now I’m saying goodbye. Here’s my round-up from 2013 which pays a quick word of tribute to some of the amazing writers to take part last year.

This time was different and much more demanding as I was also curating the Festival Fringe. I’m very proud of introducing this idea last year and hope it continues. Unlike many of the big lit fests, the main festival Writeidea folk actually get paid. But the Fringe folk do it for free and they are a wonderful and noble race.


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In the Guardian

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I did a “How to Draw” feature in the Guardian the other day. Drawings by the wonderful Freya Harrison. I did the words.

Diversity in publishing

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Lunchtime cartoon

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