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Literary death match

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I doodled this at lunch. In the spirit of “Who’d win in a fight, Superman or Batman”? But I thought I’d gussy it up as something literary – an epic struggle against near-impossible odds in a grand cosmological context. So, out of these two figures from epics, who would win in a battle of wits? In the blue corner, we have Odysseus, the wiliest hero of them all… and in the red corner, we have Satan, villain of the same pedigree.

Satan was cunning enough to bring down the whole human race in the space of a single conversation about fruit. My money’s on him. Though you never know – perhaps an innocent naked lady is an easier gull than all kinds of wily goddesses and witches. Plus, Odysseus had help from the gods. Satan just some squabbling lizardy people moping around in hell.


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    In the Jewish Talmud it says that “THE WIND -in Hebrew RUACH also means SPIRIT – OF IDIOCY enters us when we sin” (hence the Bob Dylan song IDIOT WIND) No one ever called Odysseus an idiot so I`d back him

  2. So, one bet on Odysseus. I’ll recalculate the odds accordingly.


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