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Save Lambeth Libraries! Save astronauts!

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I spent last Saturday morning in Brixton Library, running a mini astronaut training camp as part of Fun Palaces. We did a spot of physical training, ate bugs to prove we were tough enough to survive in the wild after a spaceship crash landing, and designed astronaut mission patches.

The library staff were brilliant – great with the kids, supportive and helpful. So when I discovered that cuts are looming for Lambeth Libraries it seemed incredibly cruel – cutting amazing community resources like this, staffed by knowledgable professionals. I really hope this gets reversed.

If you have a moment, would you consider writing an email to the council member who’s apparently behind the decision?

Cllr Jane Edbrooke at

If you want to know more, the proposals are here – the meeting is on Monday, so if you could email today that would be incredible:


Some photos from the Fun Palace – just a little slice of what’s at stake. (Though on a normal day, the library isn’t full of insects…)

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